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How to install VIPRE 2014 using the HSN Installer

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To install VIPRE 2014 using HSN Installer you must first prepare the USB or Flash drive and the corresponding VIPRE Product Key which will start with a 405 code.
  1. Plug the USB/Flash drive to your computer.
    • If an auto play is enabled you will receive a prompt to open folders to view files. Select this option to access the HSN Installer folder.

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    • Otherwise, to manually locate the HSN Installer, go to Start menu >  Computer. It will open a new window that displays all the available drivers. One of these is your removable disk or VIPRE, which you need to double click to access the folder.

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  2. A User Account Control will pop-up and will ask you " Are you sure you want to run it?" Click Yes. If you do not receive this message, please proceed.
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    1. The next screen will prompt you to enter your Product Key. Enter your corresponding key in the spaces provided and click Agree and Continue button.
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    1. The installation process will begin which will undergo six stages.

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    • If there is no conflicting software detected by VIPRE installation, the installation process continues until you get a new window showing "You're almost Done!". Please click the "Restart" button. After your computer restarts, you will automatically get a message showing "You're Done!". Click "Continue to VIPRE" button to start using VIPRE.

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      • If VIPRE detects a conflicting software, a new window will pop-up with the message " Only one security should be installed...", listing the other program(s) currently installed on your computer. There are two ways to get rid of the conflicting software:

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      • Remove and Continue - If you select this option, a new window prompting you to press the Restart button will automatically remove conflicting software by VIPRE. Once your computer restarts, a User Account  Control window will ask you "Do you want to allow the following program to make changes to this computer?" Click Yes to continue with the installation. Once installation is complete you may be asked to reboot your computer again.

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      • Uninstall Programs from the Programs and Features Control Panel - This will open the programs and features control panel where you can uninstall the conflicting software manually. Should you use this option, you will need to repeat the steps to install VIPRE once the conflict has been uninstalled.

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